Every products or services emerging from a company or organization as a final output for consumers or customers must have a distribution channel for overall profit of the organization to be achieved or attained.

A way to make sure the product is sold or distributed to all client or end-users is the sole purpose of a genuine Network Marketing model.

Network Marketing is a business model that reward different level of distributors of goods/products and services.

To both the manufacturer and the distributors who assist in the distribution of the finished product are a common goal of maximizing profits in the form of shared profits.

So Network marketing is a business opportunity that rewards those who assist in whatever way or distribution structure that is beneficial to the end users.

The word network implies that a distributor of a product or service primary goal is to establish a new relationship or network based on past organic network that has existed in the past so as to sale or present the current product benefits and features to the new client in order to close a deal in the process.

This new deal adds a new distributor to the supply chain that seek to create a demand chain from his/her organic network, to do exactly what the his/her predecessor did – “looking for new client from past and current organic or natural network.”

Network Marketing Model can be employed by big and small companies to distribute their goods and services using ordinary men and women who are also end-users of their products.

A Network Marketing Business is when end-user take this distribution efforts as a genuine responsibility to create legitimate income from the rewards or commission received.

This provides an opportunity to build a network of other business partners, clients or sales persons with the sole aim of lead generation and closing the sales.

Network Marketing as a business can be done by any one and require no education degree but demand a social penchant for networking with people for their benefits in using the products or services.

Network Marketing require little or no capital as it is a commission-based model. The entry level should not require exorbitant capital or funding.

In this internet age, the one important product distribution strategy is NETWORK MARKETING.

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