Websites are classified based on informational contents, overall purpose, bandwidth, storage capacity and other high tech features and functionalities. We present a list of the different types of websites based on the content and features they offered.

Search engine, directories, yellow pages and portals

These are some of the most popular types of web sites in the world. Some search engine companies, like Google or Gigablast, prefer to keep their homepage simple and focus mainly  on one service, while Yahoo! and MSN have a more "portal" like look via which many services are pushed to the surfer like email, news and many others

The portal look provides a broader platform for the company to promote their different services but it also fragments the visitors.

Classified directories and yellow pages web sites list businesses (both online and offline) segregated into different categories or geographic locations. These may also include an internal search engine that helps users quickly locate information.

Information Websites

Websites in this category are dedicated to the purpose of providing in-depth information which could be free or paid. Information websites generally focus on a niche industry or a wider scope and as such can be labelled as "news portals".

Personal Website

A personal website like the name implies a website consisting of your personal information. You just want to present your professional profile and contact information. Of course you sell your service if as a professional you have a service to offer.

For instance as a medical doctor with specialization in ear or nose ailments, your website can be a great source of information to a wider world showcasing your expertise inform of advice and counsel to your audience.

Personal web sites and blogs would probably be the fastest growing types of web site. Personal web sites can contain any kind of information and are usually administered by a single individual who can choose whatever to put online.

Anyone can now create a website using online free resources that might also offer pre-made templates that are like ready-to-go web sites, or with free and commercial versions of HTML editors like Frontpage, DreamWeaver etc.


Affiliate Websites

An affiliate website typically has few pages, whose purpose is to sell a third party's product. The seller receives a commission for facilitating the sale.

These sites are often automated websites where affiliates use to generate income from commission as he or she promotes a particular product or service.

Blogs and Online diaries

Blogs are like online diaries (the irony is, though you keep your hardcopy diary under lock-and-key, you want more and more visitors to read the online one). Since Blogs are referred to as diaries, the most be updated regularly.

Blog can be created by anyone using free services like Blogger.com (Google) or Windows Live Spaces (Microsoft). You can also install blog software, like the free WordPress on your pre-existing web site and start putting your thoughts online in a matter of minutes! For more about wordpress click here.

Because blogs are so easy to create, manage and even earn from there are a lot of profitable blogs online and the web has increased it profit potentials. The content of blog types of website can vary widely depending on the goal


Business/Company Website

A website dedicated to providing business services for the purpose of making money can be term a business website. Most company websites have just a few pages of information on the business, its services and clients.


Forums are websites that serve as platforms and promote interactions amongst the users. Unless specifically blocked and requiring a special invitation, you can join any forum on the web. Most forums cater to a specific industry or a field or niche. So, for example, you will find forums on web design and development, biotechnology, banking and entrepreneurship. The list is endless.

Forums on websites, typically, contain categories that further narrow down the subject. Registered users can post questions or start a topic which other users can reply or add to.

A lot of valuable information and knowledge exists in online forums and to learn more in this digital age, it is advisable to join and actively participate in online discussions with people that share the same interests.

Ready-to-use free software such as phpBB or SMF help you set up a forum website in a matter of minutes. If you already have a website, you can find out with the hosting company if they would probably provide such forum software for free which you can install via the control panel.


Online shops and auctions web sites

A website that serve as a store where various or dedicated products are sold is referred to as an online shop/store or auction website. Though the web is primarily used for communication and information search many companies have set up shops online. In fact, some companies like the popular Amazon.com don't have brick-and-mortar shops - the entire buying and selling takes place online.

Online shops are not restricted to selling tangible products, in fact online shop can sell virtually all types of products that are being sold offline. They also provide services and a good example of this would be travel, matrimony and car websites.

If you are planning to sell your products (or services) online the tons of free and commercial e-commerce software, make it easy to setup and running in no distant time.

Furthermore, you can integrate payment gateways, like MastarCard.com, VisaCard.com, Paypal.com and moneybookers.com in your online shopping mall and process the orders and receive funds.


Web2.0 web sites

Web 2. is an amorphous concept and primarily encompasses websites that offer a particular service. The purpose of these websites can be varied - information storage, communication etc. Sites like Flickr.com, Google docs, del.icio.us fall into this category.


User Interactive, Social Networking Websites

These are website that allow for social interaction and relationship. People have the opportunity to chat with other people all over the world. Examples include Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Orkut and a host of others.

These web sites can also be classified as Web 2.0 sites but for their large number and popular demands put them in a separate category.

From helping you locate schoolmates and past colleagues to making new friends, these websites have a whole array of utilities and features with more being "invented" and added each day.


File sharing/File storage Websites

Like the name implies, these sites provide service for sharing of files and online storage of data. With internet speeds increasing daily and more and more people are using broadband connections, the importance of file sharing types of websites has grown tremendiously.

You can not only find images, but also music (sometimes even full albums) and video (entire movies). These web sites offer both free and paid memberships: the former is usually a cut down version of the latter.

Megaupload.com and RapidShare.com are two prime examples of such kind of web sites. Examples of file storage website include dropbox.com, Google drive and a host of others

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