In this section we present in brief some list of money making offline business that an average Nigerian graduate can engaged in. Remember the lists are endless and it is a matter of creative imagination and innovation that propel the sub-conscious mind to proffer solution to man’s problems.

You will have to gather all the necessary materials, plan and prepare for your offline and online business with the help of all the information in this book. You can also contact us for guidance at every stage of your business lifecycle.


You can have an online business for any of these offline business opportunities and create rich contents around them. You can generate legitimate income with your website and this will cost less, compare to starting a business with an offline presence first.


You can start with an online business via a rich content website; thereafter establish an offline version of it. Where you have established an offline business like fish farming, you can also have an online presence through a rich content website on fish farming. You can contact us for guidance on how to achieve this.

Offline Business Opportunities for Nigerian Graduates

Agricultural Services

Computer Services and Software Development

Others Offline Business Opportunities

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