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"Great, here is an opportunity for graduates, infact to any one in Nigeria who want to be sincerely guided to becoming a business owner. This book is a complete guide, most especially the needed assistance after the purchase. Thank you very much sir for such passion. Keep your good work."

-- Mr. AYE ABEL,
ayeabel@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ayangba, Kogi State, 08077184082


The e-Wealth generator package cost just N12,000. Yes that's the price considering the wealth of information contain in it; which has the potential to change your financial future. Also do not forget that the e-book consist of practical step-by-step guide. Just to remind you that a seminar on some of the topic treated in the book will cost nothing less than N25, 000 each, in cities like Abuja, Lagos, etc. What about the bonuses included, the special bonus (Special Promo) that offers you an opportunity to have your WEBSITE design for you FREE, together with Practical Guideline on how to kick start your dream Business and becoming your own BOSS.

In fact you will agree with me that you can start earning commission income by referring others to purchase this e-book. That supports our claim that you can start your own business with absolutely nothing - than just your email list. After making your own purchase, we give you a promotional code and a link to this sales page. Just send an e-mail to friends in your e-mail list and give them the promotional code. Encourage them to get the best from this opportunity. As they make their own order you get N1,000. That's Business - Yes! Legitimate Business.

But for a limited time only, we are giving it all away for a price of N4,000, If you place your order on or before 25th July 2021

Original Price = N12, 000

Special Offer = N4, 000

Buy NOW and SAVE = N8, 000

We however require that as a sincere individual, write us or send us an e-mail giving us a true testimonial to let us know how the e-wealth package has help you. This will help us add your testimonial in our future advertising.

BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD has been known for CREDIBILITY and good customer service. Be free to comment on any of our services.

"Thanks a lot for sending e-wealth generator package as promised. The content is quite rich and I hope to be my own boss soonest. I wish all those with first degree or those seeking for university degree or any kind of higher degree get this book and have a change of mentality. I appreciate your effort in letting Nigerian especially graduates know the sure path to Wealth Creation."

olugboombe@yahoo.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Keffi, Nasarawa State, 07066377426


Pay the sum of N4000 (Four Thousand naira only) to any branch of

United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc nationwide


Account Number: 1023695390

"You will receive your e-Wealth Generator package within 24 hours"

After making your payment, send a notification e-mail with the subject

"Payment Information" to:


WhatsApp Number: 08064992708

In your e-mail, provide us the following information

1. Name: (same as Depositor Name)

2. Email Address:

3. Phone number:

4. Contact Address:

5. Postal Address:

6. Date of Payment:

7. Promotion Code:(in case someone refer you with this code for a discount, please state the code here)

8. Payment Slip Number: (or Teller number)

After sending your notification e-mail to us, your payment information will be confirmed.

Thereafter you will receive your e-Wealth generator package with other bonuses within 24 hours.

After 25th December 2013, the price goes back to the original price N12000. You will also miss out in the bonuses and special promo offer of the Zain Mobile Internet Modem.

Think Twice! Think well - you may not need to buy this e-book, rather you can try other offer, that drop you after getting your money. Beware !!!

BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD will continue to assist you will all the information you need, until you become your own boss and stay on doing business, the right way and doing business profitably.

You are free to order this e-book at our company risk or at my risk as Training Consultant. I am a responsible person. The company BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD is fully registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja.



Block C, Flat 1, NSUK Staff Quarters, Keffi

Keffi-Abuja By-pass

Nasarawa State

Email: businesswealthglobalresources@yahoo.com

Make the Right Decision

Looking around you - in the newspapers, the news you hear. It is not uncommon to realize how many workers either in private or public enterprises are being lay off. The downsizing phenomenon has eaten deep into virtually all sectors of the economic and the only one solution is to be on your own - start your own business.

When you work for someone, you allow your happiness and future to rest in the hands of other people, including your children, wife and dependent. Your future become unstable, so make the right decision to start your own business either part-time or full-time. Have you also noticed how salary earner demand for a higher take home pay every time from government?

The fastest way to become financially secure is to start something on your own - that is to start your own business. And you can start some business opportunities with zero naira. That's sound incredible to be true. Get the e-Wealth Generator package and in chapter four, you are presented with more than 100 Business opportunities, how you can generate business ideas and built them up into a business structure. We also empower you through our free services.

Your Most Important Investment

You are making an important investment by deciding to purchase this e-book, because in today's ever changing world, the most important investment you can make is an investment in your financial literary. I mean investing in on-going financial education and searching for new ideas in this fast changing economics.

One of the main points in this e-book you are about to purchase is that you have power and opportunity to create a world of not enough money as well as a world of an abundance of money. In order to create a world of an abundance of money it does require a degree of creativity, a high standard of financial and business literacy, seeking opportunities rather than seeking more security and to be more cooperative instead of competitive.

In an INFORMATION Age, an age with faster changes, fewer guarantees and more opportunities, your financial education and investor knowledge is virtually the most important.

The richest investor in the world do not buy investment, most of the 90/10 investors created their own investment. The reasons we have billionaires who are still in their twenties is not because they bought investment. They created investment called businesses that millions of people want to buy.

More Testimonials

H K., Thanks for the book. The many income generating ideas and opportunities are worth immeasurable information that you can't find in most seminars or workshop on wealth creation. As a final student that will soon face life realities, I am glad I came in contact with this manual. You made every aspect of the book very practical. Your wealth empowerment services are very unique. Starting a business at least for some is no longer capital intensive.. Thanks a millions

-- Mr. RICHARD S.,

OAU, Ile Ife, Osun State, 08034381819

Henry K., Going through the e-wealth package, I notice one important features which I have not seen anywhere, and that is the willinliness to assist Nigerian graduates even after buying the book. Thanks for that. I had wanted help and I have found one. I was scare initially, but having taking the risk of purchasing the package, I now believe that we are in the age where it no longer take money to make money. Keep this good work. I will inform my colleagues within and outside the univiersity to have a copy..


Abuja, FCT, 08064245089

"What a great pursuit and passion. I got the e-Wealth generator package. I am also a lucky winner of your special promo. It was almost unbelievable. Thanks for empowering me that way. "


Keffi, Nasarawa State, 08039373836

Dear Henry,The ideas enumerated in the book cannot be measure in monetary terms. Infact I was richly motivated from every pages of the book. This is real and not a scam. Every corp member like me will surely need this book as a companion if he or she want to own a business. When I am ready, I will be glad you design my website as promised. Thanks a lot.


Auchi, Edo State, 07066377426

Sir,Thanks a lot. I got the e-Wealth package, Thanks for your honesty and sincerity. Making money online or offline is a reality if all the needed attributes and understanding are available. Thanks for giving our graduates these information. I had wish I won the special gift in your special promotion. Please keep me on your maiing list.


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