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What You Don't Know Can Hinder Your

Financial Freedom

Remember what you don't know can cost you much, and sometimes can even cost you your life. Imagine you are very tasty and need water urgently. You get to the fridge and not knowing that the container you thought contains water, contain poison - I mean a deadly one.

Or you were walking along bush path near your home and you were not aware that a deadly snake is on that path. In both cases, how much will lack of knowledge cost you? Your life. So how much will not having the right information cost you?.

I want to congratulate you for coming across this opportunity to be your own boss. The information you are about to get are invaluable - as you will be having a unique life time opportunities to create your own wealth steadily and legitimately at little or no capital.

Friend, the truth is this - you can be your own boss. You can create your own wealth.

The problem is not lack of capital as many graduates will want to think. The problem is lack of information; I mean lack of guidance, lack of mentoring from expert and lack of making use of God-given opportunities to succeed in life.

Remember that the modern world today has advanced not only in age, but in information technology. We have more opportunities to create unending wealth now than in the pass.

With the internet advancement, you can create a service that reaches out to million of audience, not within the boundary of your immediate environment or your country Nigerian, but the world at large. Do you know that it is possible to dwell among great opportunities of wealth and not know it.

Why Not Start Your Own Business TODAY?

Many people dream of starting their own business but never do so because they're afraid of failing. Many other people dream of becoming rich but don't become so because they lack the skills and experience.

The business skills and experiences is where money really comes from. And those skills and experiences is what I have for you - an invaluable resource and guide to becoming successful as an entrepreneur.

Starting a business at home, part-time or full time allow you to learn priceless business skills that are not learnt in schools. Just a little determination with a firm decision to educate yourself before venturing into business is all you need.

Even if you have the idea, starting and growing your business needs a mentor and great business resources to guide you appropriately.

Don't allow the following limitation to hinder your dream of becoming your own boss:

  • Lack of Capital
  • The Nigerian unfavourable business environment
  • Negative experiences from others
  • The fear of failure
  • A well paid job today

Whatever your business platform, online or offline or both representation, you can start your own business and move it on, passing through all the season of business life to maturation. Others have done it, you can.

Capital has not being the problem of starting a business as many would want to think. We are living now in an era that it does not take money to make money. RIGHT. Just follow me on and you will see why!

Why It Does not Take Money to Make Money

. . . Any more

The world has witness transformation between three different ages; the Agrarian age, the Industrial age and now the Information age.

In the Agrarian age, the rich were those who owned a castle that overtook large tracks of fertile agricultural land. These people were known as monarchs and the nobles. If you are not born into this group, you were an outsider with very little chance of becoming an insider. And the 90/10 rule hold, which states that 10% who were in wealth were there because of marriage, birth, conquest, or inheritance, the other 90% were serfs or peasant who worked the land, but owned nothing. Land and agriculture are great sources of wealth.

In the Industrial age, which follow a shift from agricultural land to real estate. Improvement such as building, factories, warehouses, mine and residential homes for workers were placed on top of the land. Improvement suddenly, rich fertile agricultural land dropped in value because the wealth shifted to the owners of the building upon the land. It was during the industrial age, that the "Go to school so you can find a job" idea became popular. Hence those who were not of noble birth could become rich and powerful by virtue of education. Entrepreneurs started with nothing and become billionaires. In the Industrial age, the standard of living went up for most people, but the control of real wealth continued to remain in the hands of a few.

When the Berlin Wall came down and the World Wide Web went up, the Information age was born. The World Wide Web has changed what it cost to join the 10% who control 90% of wealth. Today it does not take being born into a royal family as it did in the Agrarian age. In the Information age, all it takes is information and ideas to become very, very wealthy. The price of admission today is an idea and ideas are free.

It is therefore possible for individual who are financially obscure one year to be on the list of the richest people in the world the next. I mean this is possible legitimately. College students who have never had a job became billionaire. The owner of Face book is not up to 25 year of age, he is just 22. (Mark Zuckerberg, the 22-year-old founder and CEO of social-networking site Facebook). And he is a Billionaire today.Think about that! What a great opportunity that we have today.

We are in the world of ideas - IDEAS ARE WEALTH GENERATORS

Ideas do not need to be New, the just need to be better. Following in your parent footstep can be very disastrous and faulty. This is because job security is dead. Our parent mentality say "Go to school so you can find a secure job" - and many people who had that understanding struggle throughout life financially, simply because they have their parent's idea about money. Instead of creating asset that bought assets, most of our parents worked for money and then bought liabilities with that money, innocently thinking they were asset.There is nothing wrong with going to school to acquire a degree. Your education is to help you to learn fast and learn continuously from your environment. Education that does not allow for growth and expansion is USELESS


Are you

  • A Graduate seeking for a job?
  • A Civil servant seeking for another stream of income?A Business owner seeking for expansion or more profits?
  • A Person having a desire to start your own business part-time or full-time (online or offline)?
  • A Person seeking for a viable, legitimate, profitable business opportunity?
  • An individual seeking for a step-by-step mentoring guide to running your Business?

Then BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD provides you the path and enables you to achieve your dream within a short time.

ORDER for our e-book on WEALTH CREATION FOR FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT and start your own business within a short time.

This e-wealth generator package will make a lot of differences in your life. This is a self manual to becoming your own boss.

At BUSINESSWEALTH SOLUTION, we specialize in providing all the needed business solution to your new and striving Business. We empower you to kick start your business with little or no capital.


PROLOGUE: Motivation for this Book

My motivation for this book was born out of the fact that many, if not most Nigerian graduates do not have the necessary financial education needed to be financially secure and to face the challenges that the uncertain future present. He or she have wasted many years in school without any sound preparation for the wider world in which he will eventually find himself/herself.

CHAPTER ONE: Planning for the Future

Friends, it's time to prepare for the future, not with the help of the certificate or qualification but with the help of a dream, a passion and creativity. Your future is now - and you must prepare for it. The future is not far away, yet you must prepare to enter it or else you struggle throughout life financially and never seem to enjoy what you ought to enjoy naturally.

CHAPTER TWO: Personal Development for Entrepreneurship Success.

Developing personality attributes that leads to positive attitude needed to create your own wealth and be a successful entrepreneur is very vital. In this chapter, I am going to show you the need to develop personal attributes. You will need to be very pragmatic in trying to understand your personality and how its will mar or make you succeed as an entrepreneur.

CHAPTER THREE: Foundation for Self-Reliance and Self-employment for Nigerian Graduate

The Foundation of every endeavour is very important and cannot be overemphasized. You desire the much needed assistance for all the information you need to start your own business, whether online or offline having paid for this e-book. The information in this chapter is of fundamental important. Some topics in this chapters includes: How to Register Your Company, Legal Angles about Trade Marks and Its Registration, three Creative Ways to Raise Capital for Your Business, the Most Important Question when It Comes to Raising Capital for Your Business, Planning your Business, accounting Principles You Must Know As You Plan To Start Your Own Business, etc.

CHAPTER FOUR: Business Idea Generation and Opportunity Analysis

Business idea generation and opportunity analysis are the foundation building block for launching a new business or venture. The origin of a business idea and the analysis of the opportunity needed to build and grow such idea into a business structure is one necessary marriage in entrepreneurship. The process of generating business idea could be learnt and developed. In this chapter, I will discuss the concept of business idea generation, available methods for generating new business ideas, creative problem-solving techniques, innovation, types of innovation, difference between innovation and creativity, recognition of a business opportunity and opportunity analysis plan. The purpose of this chapter is to provide fresh impetus for the prospective entrepreneur to see the idea of becoming a business owner in the Nigerian environment as a possibility. Existing entrepreneurs will find this chapter very helpful in assisting them to generate new business ideas or concepts that will grow their business.

CHAPTER FIVE: Writing a Successful Business Plan

Starting a business whether online, offline or both should follow a defined process or else there will not be any meaningful progress in the business life cycle. Many businesses today are suffering from the defectiveness of a faulty business plan, while some businesses do not have a business plan they nevertheless suffer silent pain that hinders their progressive success. In this chapter we shall discuss about the essential information in a successful business plan, special purpose business plan, presentation of a business plan and addressing critical business risk in a business plan.

CHAPTER SIX: Offline and Online Business Opportunities for Nigerian Graduates.

In this Chapter, we present unique creative and innovative ideas of business opportunities for any Nigerian. We respect your desire in buying this e-book and as such the idea given in this chapter are worth more than you can imagine - because it will build you great wealth for life, if you join us to assist and empower you to achieve your dream of having your own business. Other topics covered in this chapter include: The Wonder of the Internet, Ten (10) reasons why you need a websites for your business, Get Ready to sell Online, Monetization models for your websites, Online and Offline Business Opportunities, Seven Creative Ideas to Start a Business etc.

CHAPTER SEVEN: Offline and Online Marketing Strategies Needed to Grow Your Business

This Chapter presents some marketing strategies needed to grow your new or existing business, whether offline or online. The lists of strategies are endless. It is expected that this book will serves as a manual for young graduate wanting to go into part-time or full time business, whether online or offline. Starting your business is one thing, building and growing your business is another thing. Some topic discussed and treated includes: Types of headlines for unlimited creative possibilities, Understanding your Customers, Ten sure ways to Boost Your sales, Top Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing, Getting all you can from your Customers etc.

CHAPTER EIGHT: Epilogue: The Beginning of the End

This Chapter presents a summary and a call to the reader to make use of our four e-Wealth Generator Building Block: allow Creativity, employ Innovation, demonstrate Foresight and take ACTION

In addition to your e-Wealth Generator package and in line with our policy and vision of empowering you, we offer the following free services and bonuses

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At BUSINESSWEALTH SOLUTION, we care about your complete actualization of your dream to own your own business. We have prepared sound free e-book that should be a must read for any sincere, hardworking and diligent would-be entrepreneurs. They include:


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Extra Bonus #1: Rich Dad, Poor Dad, By Robert Kiyosaki (Cash Value: N2000)

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