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"Discover How An Average Nigerian Graduate Can Start His Own Business, becoming his Own Boss With Little or No Capital And Start Building His Own Wealth, Steadily, Gradually and Legitimately on a Six Figure Monthly Income "

IMPORTANT! Creating Wealth in today's Modern world is a reality and a possibility, no matter the situation, the location, the economy, the country or the person. Wealth Creation entails tested and proven principles that lead one to continuously generate substantial wealth from one's surrounding, using available resources. And the greatest of these resources needed to create wealth is having the right Financial Literacy and education.

From : Henry Kehinde Oduwole, Infopreneur & Business Resource Specialist

How has been the day? I guess you define how you will look or feel today. But certainly, I am fully convinced that after reading through this document, you are bound to change your attitude and feel the right way. So read on..

I am here to talk about something I feel is so important, something you sincerely desire to find answers to and that is "your financial security as a graduate in today's Nigeria". I guess you might want to reframe the above statement in the following questions:

  • Can I be financially secure in today's Nigeria, considering the high rate of joblessness?
  • How can I tread the path of Financial freedom as a Graduate?
  • How can I start my own business with little or no capital?
  • Will I secure my dream job in the next one year?
  • Can I live comfortable to take care of my parent?
  • Will I need to work for paid job all the days of my life and settle for pension or gratuities?

. . . and many more sincere questions you might want to find answers to.

If you are bothered by one or more of the questions above, then this document is the most opportunity you would have read in your entire life. This is because many are not well informed and guided on how to be self-reliant.

Listen! I want you to know that you will definitely find answers to all your questions on wealth creation and financial empowerment as you read on.

We all have three types of financial plans: First, is to be secure financially, secondly, is to be comfortable and lastly to be rich. And what I am about to present to you is an inside look at an entrepreneur's financial plan to be financially secure, comfortable and to be rich.

The document you are reading is directly targeted to graduates. But what do I mean by the word GRADUATES? Yes, I mean Nigerian Graduates. These are young men and women with post primary school certificate. Such certificates includes Senior Secondary School Certificate, NCE certificate, Diploma (National Diploma, Higher National Diploma), Vocational Certificate or Diploma, Degree Certificate (single or combined honours) and professionals degrees.


I do not intent to refer to any of these groups as having high IQ. Because this may not be necessary to be a successful financially and otherwise. You may disagree.

FRIEND, this document may take you 20 minutes to read through. You may better still print out the document and read its content in a relax and thoughtful manner.

The Greatest Lack in Our Educational System

The Nigerian Educational system that produces these categories of individuals mentioned above is void of a financial curriculum that educate on financial literacy.

Financial literacy entails the understanding of how money works and all the processes that revolves around the transformation that the money resource can bring.

You might be surprise that a graduate in Accounting, Banking and Finance or even Business Administration do not have the requisite understanding of how money works, the processes and principles behind the money resource and how they could be transformed into wealth creation.

And this lack of financial literacy has cause great setback in our quest to be financially empowered as a NATION and as individuals.

I am here to provide that FINANCIAL LITERACY, show you the way into WEALTH CREATION legitimately without cost and how a graduate like you can be a BUSINESS OWNER IN THIS INFORMATION AGE

"Our Educational System was designed to create employees and professional people, not entrepreneurs"

- Robert Kiyosaki

Thinking Right . . . Thinking Positively

I am not here to deceive you. I am here to speak facts and reality. I am speaking from experience, I mean experiences I have in the course of becoming a business owner. And I strongly desire to share this with other graduates also in the same economic environment.

My passion provided me the route into financial independence within a short time. I have a strong passion that metamorphose into the company BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD - a fully registered company with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigerian, Abuja. You will need to read my story.

You will need to read my story. After reading through the book, Rich Dad, Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki, the need to be financially intelligent rather than having academic intelligence became very real. This duo differentiates the Rich from the Poor. Unfortunately, financial literacy is not taught in the four walls of our educational system today.

Our graduates passed out to be job seekers and not job creators. They seek for paid jobs, when there are actually no jobs. They becomes idle instruments in the hands of social vices such as stealing, armed robbery, prostitution and a host of others. In some cases, young graduates become frustrated and live without goal, purpose and vision for life.

"From my research and experience, I 've come up with a finding that will shock you: Financial Intelligence is much more important than formal education. Financial Intelligence is very important, in fact it is unavoidable if you want to make, manage and multiply your money for wealth creation.

- Robert Kiyosaki

Legitimate Wealth Creation is solidly based on doing something that benefits someone else, providing an enduring service, servicing a segment of the wider population, solving a problem and creating alternative methods to existing services.

It's time to think right. Thinking right, having the right mindset of creating wealth begins when you think outside yourself. This thinking require creativity and development

Drop that Value System - Seeking for a Job

An average Nigerian graduates goes through his life-time education with the aim that with a certificate he has the opportunity to get a job, I mean a paid job - that is working for someone. He filled he is financially secure with a certificate, but alas in reality this is not the case.

This mentality or value system has hinder creativity, innovation and finally destroy an entrepreneurial spirit. And may I say, it has destroy the main source of national development as a countryand as also hinder wealth creatiion .

My Friend, reading through these pages, you are advised to drop such mentality - at least for the sake of your future family, children, dependent and your life generally. I am not against paid job, I mean salary earning jobs. The issue is that you can't be financially secure, comfortable and meet your daily needs. You remain poor - in fact poverty sticks hard to you. PERIOD!

For those civil servants or those working for a company, your survival depends on multiple stream of income. In today's Nigeria, relying on a single source of income will drain you emotionally and financially. Let's face the fact, you who work for the government pay more tax than those who own a company or corporation. Any problem with that? Find out why in the book "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. I can send you the book at your request or order

"Never take a Job for money. Rather take a job only for the long-term skills you will learn to become a successful Business person".

- Robert Kiyosaki

The biggest mistake people make is that they work too hard for their money and as such do not get ahead financially because when the need more money, they take a part-time job. And may I advise you; rather than take a part-time job, why not starts a part-time business.

The primary reasons of starting a business part-time is not so much to make a product great. The real reasons to start a part-time business while you keep your day job is to make you a great business person. Great product are a dime a dozen, but great business person are rare and rich.

Michael Dell of Dell Computer started his part-time business in his dormitory of the University of Texas. He had to quit school because his part-time business was making him far richer than any job he was studying for could.

Amazon.com was also started in a garage on a part-time basis. That young man is a billionaire today.

If you look at Bill Gates, founder of Microsoft, he did not even invent his software product. He bought it from a group of computer programmers and then went on to build one of the most powerful and influential companies in world history. Gates did not build a great product, but he did build a great business that helped him become the richest man in the world.

The point is this: Focus more on starting a business so you can learn to become a great business owner. Great things start small.

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