A Business plan can be seen as an informative resource or a story telling document where you tell the reader about a future your business. Every business plan in its sincere intention look a bit like fiction. The information in the business plan should serve to portray a story of how your business starts in the present and build up for a better future. It must look like a projection base summary of your sincere intention and how to get there.

As a promising entrepreneur, you will need to have a variety of way to present your business’ story in terms of time and space and make them available to suit your different audience. You must have a range of presentation to suit your audience. When you have only a moment to talk, your vision statement or a tagline that you have developed is the best way to go. When you have more time and space to present your business, then longer and longer presentations might be needed. These range from a two-sentence concept all the way to a 40-pages business plan.

For a successful business plan, there are five basic types of business planning sections and presentations: They include vision statements, mission statements, elevator pitches, executive summaries, and appendices.

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