Other Offline Business Opportunities

1)   Book publishing

2)   Educational Teaching aid

3)   Bookshop and stationary store

4)   Electronic store and repairs

5)   Article writing

6)   Selling online advertisement on your website

7)   Printing and lithographic

8)   Writing Business plan for People

9)   Estate Agent (Property Managers)

10)                Water Management services

11)                Waste Management services

12)                Digital Photography

13)                Solar panel sales & Installation

14)                Marketing Consultancy

15)                Newspaper Publishing

16)                Magazine Publishing

17)                Song writing/movie writing

18)                Supermarket/General merchandise

19)                Building Materials and Block Industry

20)                Fruit drink production: example Yogurts


21)                Commercial soap production

22)                Commercial shoe polish production

23)                Recharge Card/ Phone Business

24)                Driving lesson/school

25)                Tailoring and clothing repair services

26)                Travel Agency and Tour services

27)                Textile production

28)                Transportation Business

29)                Restaurant and fast food services

30)                Water bottling and packaging

31)                Manufacturing of Plastics

32)                Toilet Tissue production

33)                Pesticide and insecticide formulation

34)                Landscaping

35)                Commercial Hatchery

36)                Banner Production

37)                Project Typing

38)                Project Writing

39)                Provision of past question and answers

40)                Organizing seminars and workshop

41)                Online video gaming center

42)                Music training

43)                Music studio/production

44)                Buying and selling of Agricultural product

45)                Marketing specific product

46)                Educational consultancy in specific areas

47)                Event management

48)                Land Acquisition

49)                Counselling services

50)                etc

Now is the time to take the decision of becoming a business owner or an entrepreneur and start planning toward it.

We want to re-emphasize that as a graduate you have some things to offer in terms of information. The current information age is the knowledge age that offers innumerable opportunities for you.

You can write an e-book or a printed book (hard copy) or even have a content based website that can generate you decent money. This will cost less compare to starting an offline business with a much capital.

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We are willing to help you achieve your goal of becoming self employ with little capital. The information age affords you the opportunities to make genuine income with little. Create an online business base on your knowledge about something. Have a website that can service a need in the Nigerian cyber space. We are waiting for you. Feel free to contact us when you are ready

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