Below are business opportunities guide for prospective and existing entrepreneur.

Create a Business/Service from your passion, talents, skills & natural endowment

You do not need to go far, thinking on what your business will provide. Your God-given talent, passion, gifts, skills or natural endowments are already the place to start from. Are you good in a particular subject? Then provide a solution or services in that area.

Do you have a talent or are you inclined in one natural skill or the other. That could be the answer. What are your unique skills, talent or natural endowment? Remember your life purpose does not necessarily mean what you do. This is true because what you do is not what you are. So don’t just limit yourself to your certificate or what course you read in school or your current job.

You are unique in yourself. Find out what is unique with you and that might be your place of business. Don’t be in bondage. You are free to be your natural self. Appreciate your uniqueness and give God praise. The world is waiting for just you. You have something to offer and until you manifest in God’s design you cannot find true happiness.

An Example

The outgoing sanguine individual who is outspoken can create a website with the aim of teaching and coaching people on how to speak publicly.  All he or she needs to do is to gather relevant information on the subject, together with past experiences and create a content website for prospective website visitors needing help in such area.

Create a Business/Service solving peoples’ problems.

Here is the crux of the matter. When you solve a problem or provide for a need, you are creating a business – and of course you will be paid. This could be online or offline.

There are problems everywhere, around you waiting for someone to proffer a solution. You can be the one that will proffer such solution. Why not BELIEVE in yourself to be the problem solver. Problems among men are not to be solved by angels, rather by men.

Look around and when you see problems, approach it with faith in your inner self to be the one who has the solution. Different categories of God’s creatures, including the environment have problems. Youths, children, women, men – all in their varying environment do have problems that demand solution. When your business provides solution, then it is indeed a business.

An Example:

Think through to the problems people have and come up with an idea that leads to the solution? For example people are looking for solution to high failure rate of student writing SSCE/WASSCE in English language.

You can have an online tutorial solution, where your website provides comprehension, summary and prospect answer questions on a form provided. You receive the answers to the questions and reply back to them. By doing that you are helping to have a tutorial class online. Even though this has been done as an offline business, you can take it up (online) on your area of expertise.

We shall assist you to create such website and you can start making money, because students will subscribe monthly or quarterly or yearly. Parents and guardian will come to know about it. By doing this you will be solving a problem that is national.

With the internet, you will get students who will be interested and will eventually get involved and you will make money in a long run. With just few students, when they get the best from your online services, they will inform others. Parents and guardians are also your secondary target audience.

All you need is an internet connection in your home or a visit to a cyber café thrice a week to view your website and email from those who have subscribe to your services. Then your reply will be needed. We can assist you to build a business structure around this online business opportunity.

The Information technology has taken over as an effective learning tool in all aspect of our education. Creating a business outfit that both has an offline and online presence providing solutions to our varying educational problems/needs will of course be rewarding in long-term. Your step today is important.


Create a Business/Service from the questions people ask

Every questions asked demand answers. Providing answers to questions could lead to a business service.

Questions are asked every day in every situation, in families, schools, religious organization like churches or mosques, and virtually where men/women, young or old congregates. Be ready to provide answers to the yearning and aspiration of different categories of people in your environment and in the world in general.

An Example:

How can I avoid carryovers during my stay in the university?

Every student knows how a failed course in whatever level can affect his overall academic performance and final grade before graduation. Every student wants practical solutions to the problem of carryovers. You can be the solution as you proffer a complete guide from your website.

You know why student have one or more carryovers, and such factors are not just from one angle, they could be from other causes. When you have a website that settle more on solving students’ academic problem, then you are in business.

Your target audience will be higher institution students in Nigerian. In such a website you can even provide a way of assisting your prospect in solves other problems that are not necessarily academic.


Create a Business/Service from your personal experiences

Personal experience involves all our first hand experiences in any area of our lives. Personal experience is the best teacher, they say.

Your personal life experiences can become a business if you want it to be so. Our personal experiences bring us face to face with life challenges and can be so unique that it could make us as expert, I mean life expert not professional expert.

From your experience you can write or provide an avenue for those coming behind to learn from.

For Example:

Your personal experience from a fail friendship or relationship can be the place to start. You can have a website that tries to offer solution(s) to heart breaking/failed relationship experience among youths or young people. This concept can be use to generate solutions to others via providing a service.

Your personal experience from an armed robbery attack could also lead you to have a website that provides security advice and tips to its audience on different scenarios and situation in life.

This concept of generating business solution could be applied to other areas where our experiences become very useful information for a specific audience.


Create a Business/Service from seasonal

opportunities, economic opportunities, crisis opportunities etc.

Opportunities abound around us that can be harness to a money making venture. This is true for creative minds, innovative minds and action taken individual.

There are several forms of opportunities presenting themselves on a daily basic as man interacts with his environment. No matter how the opportunities present itself, whether friendly or not, a creative thinker and an innovative person will always have the good and constructive attitude to turn such opportunities into a business structure.

For Example:

The incessant power shortage problem in Nigeria has cause many problems to small and medium business in Nigeria. One could use such opportunity to create a service that provides the Nigerian households, individuals and businesses with alternative power supply.

For example you can provide a service that provides genuine information on solar energy to Nigerians. You merely state the importance of solar energy as the lasting solution to the problem and provide practical solution.

You can also provide a consultancy service on this regard as well. Offer to install a power solution at moderate charges. I bet you, you will have prospect that will visit your physical office address and even find you online.

Remember your involvement is to source for the installation to be done, not necessarily by you, but by a company. You will need to do some surveys, know all the materials needed for installation and the price range of products from those companies and a host of others.

Recently, a new innovation called “fuelless generator” are being designed. An ordinary generator could be converted to a fuelless generator. Find out about this new innovation, get the necessary information and service link. Try to build a business structure around this and provide the public with the requisite information and services in this area.


Create a Business/Service to improve on an  existing business/service.

It is possible you were in an office requiring a service. The way you were treated was not as expected and with the help of your creative and innovative mind you spot some lapses, observing the complaint of other customers and you decided to offer an improve business/service to cater for such lapses.

This can invariably lead to a real business, because you have found out that those who were not satisfied now are being satisfied by the way you do business. Forget about competition, with creativity and innovation, you business idea would stand the test of time.


Create a Consultancy Service

Almost every professional service need consultancy. A consultancy outfit is meant to provide basic and in-depth information on an area of service or profession.

It also provide information that lead to effective and efficient service delivery. An educational consultant on primary school education will provide services on all information needed by stakeholders of the primary school sector, which include parent, pupils, state and federal government, the public and many others.

To own a consultancy outfit, the Corporate affair commission (CAC) will demand that you have a professional certificate in that professions. This further strengthens your proficiency.

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