Creating your own website and building a Successful Online Business with Site Built It (Solo Build It) does not need any high-tech training. You can build your website by yourself, using the great resources provided for you at site sell.

Solo Build It is an all-in-one website builder and web design tool. Solo Build It is good for those who are new in website design as well as professional. It has a website builder that any one new to web design can use. (So don’t pay for learning how to design a website).

With this you can start designing your site even if you do not know the technicality. With the site builder software you can develop your design skills when all you now need is to learn the basic principles of HTML and CSS.

With Solo Build It, you are guided on how to design a business not just a website. With a skill that goes on with the major search engine and spiders, traffic generation is easy. You are also provided with a lot of brainstorming resource and processes that help you discover a profitable niche for your online business.

All the resources you need for a successful online business is given when you pay for their web-hosting package together with web builder system. If you are very creative and innovative, then with your Brain and Motivation (BAM), you can create a website that will become a business with great profit and traffic generation.

Below are some steps and guide on how to build your website yourself.


1.  Be willing to learn new thins in simple ways

If you can use the mouse to click, send and recieve emails, then you can use the vast resources provided by this all-in-one web design and web hosting tools of Site Sell. Be willing to learn new things and make the best use of this online resource.


2. Discover what is your Passion and Build your own Online

     Business around it.

There is something unique about everyone – something you love, your strong desire and what you are passionate about.  Find out what you love and can easily give time to develop.

Do you love cars? Which type of car? Can you provide resourceful contents that is in line with the search engines. If yes, then build a site that get the click. Click here for more case studies.


3. Use Site sell Hosting and Web design tools to help you build

     your site yourself.

Site sell provide you with unlimited resources for you to learn in simple ways how to build your site, how to create great contents that get the click, how to write and many other invaluable skills. With Site Built It (Solo Build It), you become an expert in just a few days. Click here for free download some free e-books.

4. Follow the 10 weeks Action Guide course in the Site sell offering

The Action Guide as the name is called, suggest that you set certain time per week (say 3 to 7 hours) a week, putting action to the web design process and mastering web design skills a step at a time.

Use the online video resource at your disposal. Download them and put action into regular practice of what you have learn. Follow each week religiously and be willing to learn and document your learning progress on a continuous basis.

5.  You will need a MENTOR

You can also access free online resource available in your member area once you pay for their hosting. The online forum is also a unique place to receive real time assistance from those who have built their own website using Site Built It.

As e-business expect we can also assist you in any assistance you might need.

6. Understand the Factors that constitute a Successful Online 


At Site sell, you get all the needed resources. Building a site that optimize high search engine optimization is very crucial and site sell explain this from scratch and in simple ways.

How to write high targeted contents based on specific keywords are also provided in the rich resource online centre via your member area.

7. Give time, effort and Commitment to your site growth,

      profitability and success.

All you need is to take the first step. The first step is to make a definite small decision to be an online business owner via a website that generate natural traffic that leads to a profit making website, that a website that cost you money.

Be willing to give time, effort and commitment to achieve your dream once your started. So Decide and Do.

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