The basic foundation of every endeavour is very important and cannot be overemphasized. You desire the much needed assistance for all the information you needed to start your own business, whether online or offline – having visited this site. The information in this site are tailor to assist you start a business as a graduate.

To start a new business, there are basic foundation that must be laid. Becoming self-reliant and be self-employed is not as very difficult as you might think, or as your friends and environment might want you to think. Your dream to become a business owner or an entrepreneur can be achieved if you follow the right path. In Nigeria, there are many challenges stirring at your face as a dreamer, yet you are not the first to dream, others have and are living their dreams. In fact, I can assure you that you can start a multi-dollar business, without any startup capital. That might sound too unbelievable - but that’s the truth. Everything does not and must depend on money. This does not remove the concept of hard work, brain work, persistence, perseverance, creativity and innovation.

These ingredients are part of the basic foundation for successful entrepreneurship. If you are ready to play the game according to rules and do what successful people do, you can achieve your financial freedom. Having your own business has always being our passion at BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD. You will soon join the few – by being a business owner if you follow the instructions and guideline from this site.

The Basis Foundations for a successful Business start-up are:

  • Passion and Vision
  • Strategies and Planning
  • Using the Right keys
  • Right Association
  • Inner victory and perception
  • Diligence and Determination
  • Lover of CHANGE
  • Avoid ignorance Like a Plaque
  • Always Making DECISION


What you see is your vision and what moves you to what you see is your passion. Every one giving the chance of existence was also given a vision and a passion to fulfill such vision. What is your goal in life that will guarantee you peace of mind now in this material universal and in the world to come? Discover your happiness now and in the future beyond the present. Making money is not the same as being happy. What makes you happy and fulfilled is not having more money; rather it is fulfilling a purpose for existence that makes you happy. Your business vision tells you how your company is going to look like when it’s finished. This is the idea of a company you strive for. This is what you are building.

When you discover your mission you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it.

-      W. Clement Stone

So discover your vision and allow your passion to help you fulfill your vision. Passion is a strong quest for excellence in your vision. Your Business idea must have these two pivots of passion and vision. Don’t copy others, rather find the only thing you along can do better. This basic foundation of vision and passion must be first among other criteria.


Planning and strategies go together. We must plan to get to where we are going. Many Business startups fail because the owners do not plan nor prepare. You don’t plan because you don’t have an active vision.

Write your dream down in a book. Document your future in a clear manner that it will motivate you and not another person. Planning involves setting goals that point to what we desire in the business.

Preparation is everything. Noah did not start building the ark when it was raining.

-      Warren Buffett

Picture your desire business in your mind first and interpret it visually or verbally through your plans. As you conceive a business idea, then put a plan in place to achieve it. Planning will entails every aspect of your business such as business ideas, market segmentation for customers, feasibility, viability, funding, implementation, association and many others.


Another basic foundation is using the right keys. You must learn to use the right keys. Right keys open the door, wrong key do not. Study the life and pattern of successful business and avoid their mistake. Do the right things in your business policy and operation. Don’t settle for common areas, common conventions, common methods, rather be unique and different.

Be patient because experiences come from patience. Challenges are bound to threaten your business ideas and active willingness to start, never give up.  Remember money has never being the main challenge to business start up, use patience as your fund.


You will need the right associated to succeed. Go for the right people. You can get them when you search for them. You are not alone. Others have gone before you, so be willing to associate with the right mentor who believes in helping you to succeed.

The greatest good we can do for anyone is not to share our wealth with them, but rather to reveal their own wealth to them. Just as the first step to successful achievement in life is to know your potentials, the second step is to know the potential of others. And when we recognize our ability, it is easy to recognize the ability of others.

– Zig Ziglar

Don’t be afraid of associating yourself with others. Let the association be with a purpose and with boundaries. Don’t start any business without gathering information about existing ones. Nobody can steal your vision, if truly you are passionate about it. This is one of the basic foundation for susuccessful start of a new business.


In your inner perception about yourself, you must have the confidence. Confidence is inborn, but we all must cultivate it if we are to believe in what we can do. There is always something you can do once you were born. That little child look helpless, yet there are things he/she could do. The little child can move his/her hands.

Each of us has our own unique, individual way. There are no precedents; you are the first that ever was. You are the most qualified person on the face of the earth to do what you are destined to do

-      John Mason

Don’t allow the environment or people to shape your perception about your success in life. The seed sowed have all the world against it, yet because of the law of life, after some day, it begin to germinates. So there is a seed of greatness in you, believe it and don’t be defeated within. Many says ‘I can’t’ and they definitely cannot. Avoid negative perception about your ability and your dream. Once you have conceive that business idea, do accept the ‘I can’t’ mentality in your mind, because mental health is one of the basic foundation for a successful business startup.

“You cannot consistently perform in a manner that in inconsistent with the way you see yourself. Your self-image will lead you to the top of the stairway or put you on an escalator to the basement”.

-      Zig Ziglar


Work is good and the best way to achieve our dream. Be ready to work hard and work smart to beat opportunities that come your ways. Opportunities come before us as we move to achieve our dreams, recognize them and react to them appropriately.

 Ask yourself “if I don’t take ACTION NOW, what will it ultimately cost me?” When a procrastinator has finally made up his mind, the opportunity has usually passed by.

-      John Mason

Be determined to start that business. Be determine to work with a time frame. Be determine to make daily, monthly or yearly adjustment to make that business grow.


One basic foundation is that you must be a lover of change. Be dynamic in all approaches and in all your plans. Change is the best way to meet up with this fast evolving age of information. If a plan is not working, be willing to change it. Your marketing strategies for your product or service must always be dynamic or else your competitors will bye-pass you,


As you move on to becoming an entrepreneur or a business owner, there are great success killers that you must avoid. One of such success killers is ignorance. You will need to accept the fact that you are ignorant of a lot of things and yet don’t remain there, move on to acquire that knowledge you need for success. It is a dynamic process. It is uncommon to call a professor of mathematics or economics an ignorant person, but unfortunately, many professors have many broken bones of ignorance.

“We wave our flags of higher degrees, we boast of our business experiences, we display our pride of success to the world to behold, we watch how the young ones climb their mountains, we worship our state of status and prestige, yet we all possess our various degrees of ignorance in other fields of life”

-      Yinkas A. A.

We are all ignorance of one thing or the other, but running a business, however small or big, we must be willing to educate ourselves. If you want to succeed you need to constantly learn new things. Be knowledgeable about your intending new business. This is one basic foundation you must not leave out.

The business world is a battle field of diverse ideological managers destined to be failures or achievers, yet the winners are good problem solvers while the losers are bad problem solvers. Many are not achieving their goal in the business arena, because of ignorance. While some started badly and until the correction is made, they are likely not to succeed in future. Ignorance kills, invests on your knowledge. It pays. Buy book, attend seminars, open your mind to what others are doing, and move on, go forward, do not just sit down with folded hands. A habit of not searching for knowledge is a bad habit. Dynamic knowledge is essential for continued success as an entrepreneur and we cannot overemphasize this.


Learn to always make decision. Take steps and be responsible for your action. Understand the true meaning of failure. Past failures have made many dreams to die in the dead sea of indecision. Decision to do something at a time and for a purpose is very important. As a business owner or would-be entrepreneur you will have to make decision. Don’t be afraid to take that step, asked that question or initial that business.

The single most important difference between champion, achievers and average people is their ability to handle rejection and failure.

-      Hopkins Tom

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