Businesswealth Global Resources Ltd is nevertheless committed to building up young entrepreneurs and enterprises through Businesswealth training series, seminars, workshops and consultancy.

Our expert areas include helping Nigerians to design and manage online businesses via a website, marketing strategies and web development, personal development, human resources management and training, value engineering, product rebranding research, online and offline monetization models for both online and offline businesses.


Empowering Nigerian Graduates for excellence in all spheres of life by providing the needed resources (investment information & opportunities, online and offline businesses information & opportunities) to becoming an entrepreneur (a business owner), to grow existing businesses and to create jobs.


  • To provide every Nigerian the needed resources to start his/her business whether online or offline.
  • To provide every Nigerian the needed resources to grow his/her existing business or company.
  • To provide every Nigerian with viable, creative and innovative ideas to start their own businesses or sustained an existing business or company.
  • To provide mentorship and training to promising entrepreneurs, existing business owners and potential investors for continuing business growth and productivity.
  • To instill in every Nigerian to believe in a new Nigeria via the rebranding process in such a way that every Nigerian will have hope for a better country.
  • To help every Nigerian develop his/her God given talents, skills and innate potentials for maximum utilization and to the glory of God
  • To guide every Nigerian to seek first God’s righteousness as the only pathway to building the nation.


B: Business Builder

    Businesswealth Global Resources  Ltd is known for building young businesses. From   the creative ideas   to the innovative start up and finally to building a business structure, we are known to offer salient but pungent guidelines that achieve the much desired    result.      

U: Unparalleled

    In term of creating value and giving wholehearted guidance and direction to our clients, we are unparalleled.

S: Sincerity

    In all our dealings with our offline and online clients, sincerity and integrity in all aspects of business transactions has been our watchword.

I: Innovation and Creativity

   Our innovation in all business counsel and mentorship has made our clients to see the originality of our ideas. Our creativity also has made our client believe in our vision of empowering them online.

N: New Situation

   Every New Situation or problems brought in by our clients are turned into solutions which thereafter end up in becoming a business structure. Our clients receive lasting and enduring solution to their problems.

E: Empathy           

   Our response to clients need is been motivated by our full understanding of their feelings and projections.

S: Service Delivery

    Our service delivery has been very efficient and timely. Clients’ happiness and fulfillments has been our motivation for excellence.

S: Solution to Business Stagnation

   As a Business resource center, we provide different solutions to Business stagnation. As we study a business or company history, we are able to recognize the causes of Business stagnation and provide appropriate remedies.


W: Wealth Builders

    We specialize in building our clients wealth in whatever area of interest or passion. Our wealth generator building block includes the following: creativity, innovation, foresight and action. With these blocks we are able to create a niche for our clients and thereafter build a viable business that pass successfully through the various business lifecycle.

E:  Excellence

    We strive for excellence in all our online and offline services. Our goal is to build an excellence spirit in our clients throughout the mentorship stage.


A: Action Driven

    Action speaks louder than good intentions. Our training sessions, workshops and seminars are practical in nature and demand action from our audience. We empower our clients to take action and implement success principles on a daily basis.

L: Links to Business Resources

   Our consultancy services avail our client’s relevant links to business resources. We also have Businesswealth Series, a series of publications and books on starting and managing your business. Our website contains extensive links to business resources.

T: Training:

   Our training is very unique and distinct in its delivery and practical in its application. These training could be short term or long term. We also provide specialized training in the area of client interest.

 H: Highly Qualified Staff:

    We have highly committed, passionate, qualified and trained staff that also have strong passion necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.



 . . . Providing you the needed Resources to start Your Own Business and to grow your existing Business.

. . . Creating Jobs from ICT Emerging Opportunities.


Below are link to Online e-Business

We are willing to help you achieve your goal of becoming self employ with little capital. The information age affords you the opportunities to make genuine income with little. Create an online business base on your knowledge about something. Have a website that can service a need in the Nigerian cyber space. We are waiting for you. Feel free to contact us when you are ready

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