Businesswealth Global Resources Ltd offers a range of online and offline services to individuals desiring to start their own businesses, individual business owners and corporate business owners.

Executive Advice for Small Business: Executive and Management Coaching, Private Business Consultancy, Family Business Counselling, Strategic Planning, Business Plan Preparation, Problem Analysis, Establishing Mission, Goals and Objectives, Re-engineering, Restructuring, Refinancing.

Executive Advice for Large Companies: Executive and Management Coaching, Strategic Planning, Online Business Interaction, Business Plan Investigation and preparation, Action Learning, Problem Analysis, Human Resources Conflict, Re-engineering, Restructuring, Refinancing.

Wealth and Job Creation: Idea Generation, Identification of skills and talent, Business life Cycle, Entrepreneurship development, Startup Financing, IT involvement, Action Learning.

InfoWealth Training: Creating Wealth through information, Generating information for wealth creation, Infopreneurship Training, Content Management System.

Forex Training & Trading: Basic & Advance Forex Training, Forex as Investment.

Website Design & Management: Web Site Development, Profitable Niche Discovery, Profitable Monetization Models for your Website, Site Promotion, Operations and Maintenance. General Training.

Online Business Consultancy: Profitable Online Business Opportunities for Graduates, companies and other individuals, Affiliate Marketing, Network and Multi-Level Marketing System.

Offline Business Consultancy: Investment opportunities for your Offline Business, Low Income Start-up, Feasibility Study, Profitable Studies for your offline Business, Customers Research.

Internet Marketing Training: Internet Marketing for your online Business, Guide and processes, Search engine optimization, Recommendation.

Marketing and Sales: Market Forecasting, Advertisement Planning, Product Design and Development, Sales Development and Training.

Administration & Human Resource Management: Financing, Banking, Cash Flow Forecasting, Profit Sensitivity Analysis, Human Resource Development, Training, Job Descriptions, Policy Manual and formulation, Employee Empowerment.

Other Special Services: Investigating your Offline Business for Profitability, Value Management, Research and Development, project management, Proposal Writing.

Always with unique creativity and an Internet orientation, BUSINESSWEALTH GLOBAL RESOURCES LTD focuses primarily on key success areas for both online and offline businesses such as value management, strategic planning, management coaching, cash flow forecasting, client empowerment and employee empowerment.

With our four Wealth Builders, Creativity, Innovation, Foresight and ACTION you are bound to be your own Boss within a short time.


 . . . Providing you the needed Resources to start Your Own Business and to grow your existing Business.

. . . Creating Jobs from ICT Emerging Opportunities.


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